Privacy Policy

Level It Books along with KTL Mobile Apps LLC(developer of) understand that you have an expectation to know how we use any data collected while you, the user, are using the Level It Books iOS app or this website. The use of any of our services pertaining to this website or our iOS app, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy. By using this website or iOS app, you are consenting to your personal data being transferred and processed in the United States.

Treatment of Personal Information

While using the Level It Books iOS app, if you create a teacher account, we collect personal information including name, school email address, password, school corporation, state, and grade that you teach. We also collect email addresses that you provide in the Contact Us feature of the app. This information is stored in our database and is not sold or disclosed to any third party. We know many people use the same password across sites, so we do not store your password in plain text. When you create or update your account password, it is hashed thousands of times and then stored in the database. In the event of a data breach, your password will not be exposed and will not be decipherable back to a plain text value.

Nature of Information Collected

Information you provide

As stated in the Treatment of Personal Information section of this policy, we store personal information including name, school email address, password, school corporation, state, and grade that you teach in our database. This data will not be sold or disclosed to third parties for any reason.

Information automatically collected

We collect usage information about how you use the app. This data is non-identifying and is stored with a uniquely generated id. Examples of usage data that we collect is listed below. This is not a holistic list.
  • - How long you use the app
  • - When you create a library, wish list, roster, or student
  • - When you scan a book or lookup a book by title, author, or ISBN
  • - When you install or update the app
  • - When you check in or out a book

Email Communications

When you create a teacher account in the Level It Books app, you decide if you would like to receive email updates from Level It Books. If you select "Yes", we reserve the right to email you from the domain. If you select "No", we will abide by your selection and not send you any email outside of account activation, password resets, and any other actions that require a compliance email.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changes to the policy can be made at any time and you must consent to any updates if you would like to continue using the Level It Books app or website.

Questions about this Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at privacy[at]levelitbooks[dot]com.